Cabo San Lucas Sportfishing

Cabo San Lucas rates as one of the best sport fishing destinations in the world and draws anglers from the Four Corners of the earth. This is home of some of the richest fishing jackpots in the world, reaching up to 3 million dollars. Of the hundred boat sport fishing fleet of Cabo San Lucas, 90 percent return with fish on board and 70 percent of those with at least one billfish. Nearly all of the boats return with some good fish tales as well! The sport fishing cabin cruisers are radio equipped and diesel, with top speeds of 15 knots. This puts most fishing grounds within a thirty-minute radius.

Deep sea fishing techniques: Bill fishing is very different from other types of fishing. The crew will rig four fishing lines, two will be set on outriggers, and two directly from the fishing poles. These lines will trail lures. When a billfish is spotted, lines will be reeled in and live bait substituted for the lures. Boats do not troll with live bait, as live bait is good for perhaps fifteen minutes only. Unless you instruct the crew otherwise, they will pick up the pole when there is a strike, hook the fish and hand you the pole. You will fight the fish from the fishing chair. When the fish is brought alongside, the crew will gaff the fish. Catch and release is always recommended.

Duration: 5.0 hours max.

• Boat, skipper, mate and tackle
• Insurance
• Box lunch.
• 3 soft drinks/beer/bottled water per person
• Ice on board
• Live bait if available

• Fishing License. (approx. $10 USD)
• Gratuities for the crew of fishing boat (it's customary to tip from $5-10 p/p depending on the quality of service received).
Activity Level: 2-Medium

* * * Price is per 4 passenger boat NOT per person * * *

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