Land's End Boat

At the pier you will board our catamaran for a 40 minute trip to the very tip of the longest, most desolate, and perhaps most beautiful peninsula on the world. A short ride brings you to pristine beaches, towering rock formations and the famed “Los Arcos”, a dramatic natural rock monument that arches starkly out of the sea. A complimentary beverage will be served at the bar onboard. An enlightened narration by J.M. Cousteau comments on the underwater life, wildlife, ecology and major points of interest in the area, including the early history of Baja California. Looking landwards, you see that Cabo San Lucas lays claim to miles of unspoiled beaches, little coves and impressive Hotels.

Duration: Approx. 40 min
Maximum Capacity: 100 per departure
Equipment: Twin-engine powered catamaran with restrooms and bar.
Beverages: One 12 oz. beer, soda, or coffee.
Activity Level: 1-Low

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