Todos Santos

At the landing pier, join your knowledgeable English-speaking guide and board your airconditioned bus for a trip back in time. The cape region is indeed striking in appearance, from its arid desert setting and white sand coves, to its swaying palm trees and the deep blue sea. Your drive will take you north to admire the contrasting coast scenery of the expanse Pacific Ocean on one side while on the other you will have a forest of Cardon cacti that goes on as far as the eye can see. Your destination is Todos Santos, a small oasis village that sits peacefully next to the Pacific Ocean.

Once in Todos Santos, which means “all saints”, you will have time to walk around the old Jesuit mission, explore the small shops, glance through one of the many art galleries and visit the famous Hotel California that inspired the Eagles back in 1969; or just do as the locals do and sit in the town square and watch time go by. Upon returning to Cabo San Lucas you will have the option to remain in town for some last minute shopping or return back to the ship. Casual conservative dress is recommended. Bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Tour duration: 4.0 hours
Equipment: 40 pax air conditioned coach.
Beverages: One 12-ounce softdrink, beer or bottled water.
Snacks: Chips & Salsa, Quesadillas and/or tropical fruit.
Min-Max: 30-120

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